MFL statement on the Pallister government's Throne Speech

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

MFL News

Working families will be disappointed with today's throne speech. There was nothing for patients and health care workers who are worried about more cuts. There was nothing for teachers, education workers and families who are worried that the Pallister government is going to take their scissors to our province's schools next. 

Thousands of parents are looking for child care to help them get back to work or school. Unfortunately, this government has no plan to ensure our child care spaces are affordable and accessible. Instead, their priority is more expensive private-sector spaces, which won't help families who need affordable child care now. 

This government continues to let workers down in Manitoba. They are committed to reintroducing a twice-failed ban on project labour agreements, even though these agreements support good local jobs, stronger safety measures and excellent value for money on major infrastructure projects. They are eliminating the right to voluntary Sunday work for retail workers, even though we all know that families are finding it increasingly difficult to spend quality time with each other.

And they’re pursuing a privatization route for infrastructure that Manitobans count on.

We look forward to the details of this government’s plan to extend employment leave provisions to survivors of sexual violence. Led by advocacy from the labour movement, Manitoba was the first province in Canada to introduce paid leave for survivors of domestic violence. We would expect paid leave to be extended to survivors of sexual violence so that loss of income is not a further barrier to getting the help that they need.

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