Don’t let the Pallister government cut the health and safety laws that keep Manitoba workers safe

All workers deserve to be safe on the job, and to come home to their families and loved ones. That’s why our labour movement has pushed to make Manitoba’s workplace safety and health laws some of the strongest in the country.

Manitoba’s rules aren’t perfect, but they have been working pretty well at keeping workers safe on the job. But now, the Pallister government is talking about weakening Manitoba’s health and safety laws, putting workers safety and lives at risk.

Budget 2018 cuts nearly $800,000 from workplace health and safety, meaning there will be less focus on keeping people safe on the job. The Pallister Government has already eliminated the minister’s advisory council on health and safety and the Brandon and District Worker Advocacy Office. The number of workplace health and safety inspections has declined since they came to office, and they have eliminated the proactive investigations unit at Employment Standards. They’re even talking about watering down Manitoba’s standards for protecting workers from harmful chemicals.


And they’ve created an arbitrary rule that requires government to eliminate two protections, for every new protection added. Workplace health and safety protections are in place for good reasons, to keep workers safe on the job. They shouldn’t be cut arbitrarily. 

They call these rules 'red tape'. But Manitoba workers know what health and safety laws mean: they give you piece of mind on the job. 

These rules get you home to your family for dinner every night. They're not red tape, they're what keep Manitoba workers safe.



Workplace health and safety laws are working. And when they're working, we're working. 

Don’t let the Pallister government cut the rules that keep Manitobans safe on the job. 

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